Expending the mind- Vertical Development

…. Build the Ark before the Flood …. (J. Kaczmarski)

We have been working recently at the meta-level of competence development, rather than been dedicated to individual skills.

 Observing both the psychologists and trainers, as well as our clients, we see that their large developmental steps are forced by random events. Natural disasters, economic crises and personal catastrophes become catalysers of change. It is even believed that without facing death or at least bankruptcy, we are not able to leave the safe haven of the current development level. Some will remain on it until face the death (natural, political or business)

Or maybe we could do it other way around… we could invest in the agility of  thinking, change the understanding of reality, and giving new meaning to our experience, as long as the prosperity and security give us the chance to do it.

Below is a link to the Vertical Development® presentation to be familiar with before an earthquake or other personal drama makes it too late: