Coaching aims toward the development of professional competences based on already possessed resources, awareness and motivation to support the expected changes. The coach follows the client, by asking questions.

A mentor is more active than a coach in proposing a specific program in the process of developing professional competence. The mentor initiates tasks and exercises in skill training, challenging and providing feedback.


I meet with the client for an individual interview based on the contract, which sets out the rules for the process dedicated to maximize his/her potential.

The structure of the session is based on the ICF (International Coach Federation) Competences, and the implementation takes into account the principles of the ICF Code of Ethics.

Most often, individual mentor-coaching sessions take place once a week, last for 1.5 hours. The development process usually takes about 3-6 months. Within this time frame there are 12-24 sessions, in person or internet connection.


  • The development process supported by a coach and mentor gives the possibility of better, more satisfying functioning in professional relations, stronger impact on the team or the entire organization:
  • Mentor-coaching
  •  improves skills or helps in gaining access to already existing opportunities
  • shapes attitudes
  • strengthens personal power
  • develops awareness and builds responsibility for one’s own development and level of achievement

…at the same time, the psychological cost tends to be reduced (the consequences of tension, negative emotions and stress resulting from conflicts and frustration).

Letter to the customer