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Coach follows the client, by asking questions. Coaching aims toward the development of professional competences based on already possessed resources, awareness and motivation to support the expected changes.


After many years of conducting standard group training, we have recognized the need of working with teams at the meta-competence level. The method is based on the development of general dispositions, and through them individual competences.


Short announcements of the new events, started enterprises and reports on the completed projects.

Beata Gralińska

Beata Gralińska

I’ve been educated as a psychologist. I have 25 years of experience in groups training.

I established my company Coaching Way in 2004. The main purpose was to develop my clients’ competences. I support team management and personal life in individual coaching, group workshops and training.

I  currently work on projects dedicated to supporting meta-competences; Innovation, Self-reliance and Involvement of people in teamwork. We encourage our clients to take Responsibility for their work environment and the professional relations. We help people to develop general abilities to adopt a broad perspective, to give new meaning to their experience, and thus better cope with complex, ambiguous and unpredictable situations.

My present life centre is located on the Polish Baltic coast, Lisi Dwór.
I speak English and Norwegian.
I ride horses and work as a volunteer for the animal rights protection.

My experience of living, studding, traveling in Norway, UK and USA helps me to work with global companies: