We invite you to a unique project:


Our program offers an integrated approach to improve body fitness along with consolidating the habits of a healthy and balanced way of life.

It includes developing the ability to care for one’s own physical and mental condition. Our program provides you tools to continue your training after you return home.

Physical activity: Rusian Sauna, Swimming, Horseback riding, Cycling, Nordic walking, Cardio, Strengthening, Relaxation in indoor gym.

Personal development: Individual coaching, Workshop “The recipe for Your Happiness”

If you take part in the program, you can:

  • regenerate your body and raise your energy levels
  • improve your body  fitness and strengthen immune system
  • regain your physical and mental health
  • feel peace, balance and self-satisfaction
  • consolidate the habits of a healthy and balanced everyday life

live healthy, be fit and enjoy your life
Stadnina Białogóra – ACADEMY OF SEA WOLVES