Dear Coachee/Mentee,

Here are a few sentences of the informal description of the program. Take it as an invitation to encounter…

Mentor-coaching is a conversation, a suggestion to stop, think over and name what is important for the expected change. The coach follows the client, only by asking questions, sometimes shares insights, impressions and reflections. You have the opportunity to search, recreate paths to existing resources or discover new ones. The mentor is more active than the coach,  has broader choice of influence technics to offer. He initiates the tasks and exercises, provokes, challenges and provides feedback. The combination of both functions seems optimal to support the process of your competences development.

Mentor-coaching can be a journey. This is in fact an invitation to travel together, to experience an adventure. Start it with curiosity, continue with a passion for discovering and, if they happen, overcome difficulties with the perseverance.

On this trip you will learn some new skills, develop other ones, maybe change your old habits, increase your internal strength. You will choose your destination, pace and route. A coach is like a vehicle that carry you to the planned destination. The mentor is as a pilot for you as a driver.


You have a chance to:

  • perceive a broader perspective
  • strengthen concentration
  • overcome stereotypies in thinking and acting
  • go beyond conventions and schemes
  • find passion in action, joy, and curiosity
  • approach certain matters with humour
  • discover what is fun about working with people for accomplishment of the tasks

This mental and emotional agility is to help you to use available resources to facilitate your work.        It can also reduce the expenses of achievement of the goals (effect of tiredness, tension, negative emotions and stress) resulting from conflicts and frustration.


Your personal transformation can contribute to better management of the people in your team,

supporting their independence and development through:

  • building relationships with colleagues based on trust and responsibility
  • courageous contact with employees, also in conflict situations
  • encouraging people to make changes and innovations in the implementation of the tasks
  • increase your skills and willingness to provide feedback to employees
  • sharing own experience with subordinates


Most often, individual mentor-coaching sessions take place once a week, last for 1.5 hours.             The development process usually takes about 3-6 months. 12-24 sessions take place within this time frame. The structure of the session is based on the ICF (International Coach Federation) Competences, and the implementation takes into account the principles of the ICF Code of Ethics.

See you soon