The development of professional and personal competencies at any time and place.

After many hours spent on coaching sessions in the corporate regime, I’ve opened the door of my house (Fox Manor) for Country Coaching to give the coachee a new perspective and take advantage of rural life in the work of developmental changes.

This new formula is dedicated to the coachees who:

  • want to summarize the long-term effects, they have already completed in the coaching process and aim to plan new stages for development
  • want to gain a new perspective in this process, while being  in the course of changes 
  • consider the decision to start a career or life coaching 

The extension of the standard coaching formula, by:

  •   Integration of all parts and spheres of life
  •   Methods available in the home and in the field
  •   Flexible time frame

Rules and forms of coaching:

  • In addition to Standard session, coachee may choose from any of the proposed program elements that are meant to  support change or relaxation:

- Session in the field (Coaching by walking)
- Lunch Session (cooking together)
- Exercise inspired by yoga and tai chi