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Individual coaching aims to develop competencies, by asking questions and providing feedback. 

I meet with the client in individual conversation under a contract that sets out the process dedicated to maximize the potential of the client.

The structure of the session is based on the ICF Competence, and takes into account the implementation of the ICF Code of Ethics
We assess the current level of competencies involved, define the target profile indicators and choose activities to support the development and the desired change. We plan directions and stages for development. We celebrate success. 

Examples of specific methods

The potential benefits of Coaching process, which aims to:

  • Modify specific behaviour (skills) 
  • Affect the person’s internal condition, attitude and stance, so as to eliminate their reluctance which limits the possibilities of change, development, action and achievements. 
  • Strengthen their personal power. Well-grounded personal strength guarantees availability of professional competencies, allows for better use of one’s skills as well as presentation of an attitude which helps to ensure effective performance.

Assess the progress made during programme. The final stage is made by assessment of development, based on the system of professional competences. 

Coaching in the metaphor of climbing
Country coaching
Life Coaching –Life Fitness Training